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The Path of the Jaguar
Wed, Sep 28, 22
Gabriela Gil shares more about "The Path of the Jaguar," a project made possible thanks to the Jaguar Parade and Panthera. The goal of the project is to raise awareness and funds to protect jaguars.
Why I paint in 2022
Wed, May 04, 22
A brief reflection about what's guiding Gabriela Gil's art in 2022.
My Second Year in NYC
Thu, May 27, 21
This past February marked the second year since Gabriela Gil moved her studio to New York City. It was an interesting year because most of it coincided with the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, and the U.S. elections. Having stayed here the entire time, Gabriela witnessed and responded to how the City transformed, protested, and celebrated. 
Why I make art in 2020
Tue, Oct 06, 20
Gabriela Gil's statement about why she makes art, her process, some of her influences, and aspirations.
Gabriela Gil at the studio // en el estudio
Tue, Aug 25, 20

Film of Gabriela Gil's process, taken at her studio in New York City at the beginning of 2020. It was done in collaboration with Rey Santiago.


Libertad // Freedom
Tue, Aug 18, 20
Gabriela Gil shares more context about the mural, "Libertad," which she painted at the end of June in New York, soon after SoHo became a world of boarded up storefronts, and art.
Art in times of Corona
Tue, May 05, 20
Gabriela Gil writes a reflection on the importance of art in the time of Corona, and the impact on her own practice.
Wed, Apr 08, 20
Gabriela Gil describes how the daily practice of making color sketches began, and how the role it plays in her practice. She recently published a printed version of 16 of her favorite color sketches painted between 2019 and 2020, and shares the link to it on Amazon.
Some resources and favorite works from Year 1 in New York
Thu, Feb 20, 20

Gabriela Gil shares a brief summary of useful resources and favorite works from this first year. 

Year one: past, present, personal
Mon, Feb 17, 20
Gabriela Gil reflects back on the first year since relocating her studio to New York. She touches on truths that are currently guiding her practice, influences and upcoming plans.