Gabriela Gil is interested in creating paintings and site-specific installations that spark a connection with the immediate present. Gil strives to do this through the use of organic shapes, rhythm, and vibrant colors which replicate nature, and the Latin American soul.


Photo of Gabriela Gil by Ralfi Berk


Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Gabriela Gil has moved throughout South and North America her entire life. The constant migration has shaped her multicultural perspective, and nurtured her interest in art as a way to transcribe her personal experience using a unique visual language. Her first creative expressions were in ballet and modern dance at the age of five, and later evolved to other mediums including photography, sculpture, and painting. As a result, her work often references her multidisciplinary experience, particularly as it relates to activating the entire body while staining a canvas, or carrying a gestural mark across a large surface.


Gabriela Gil, "Noche de Ronda," 2019


As an autodidact, Gabriela Gil independently seeks out professional courses, mentorships, residencies, and experiences based on her evolving needs. She finds her practice shapes more dynamically and authentically this way, especially when complemented with her academic experience in Economics, and nearly a decade working within the innovative, and entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley tech start-ups.

Gabriela Gil currently lives and works in New York, NY.


Gabriela Gil