2016 - 2018

Three years in the making, the Siamese series was inspired by the strong, yet flowing nature of Siamese fighting fish. Gabriela Gil created this body of work with the goal of giving art a more central role in her life, after working with Silicon Valley start-ups for almost a decade. Therefore, the whole series evolved in parallel to the mental and emotional journey of pursuing a goal regardless of obstacles and difficulty. The colorful brushstrokes are meant to convey the vivacious and flowing nature of Siamese fighting fish; and, the meticulous metal patchwork is meant to resemble thousands of scales, but most importantly, the armor and strength of a warrior.

The series, comprised of 19 paintings and 7 studies, was presented in Gil's first solo exhibition in San Francisco, CA during the Fall of 2018. This marked an important milestone in her career, and the beginning of a new chapter in New York City.