Jaguar Parade

The Path of the Jaguar

"The Path of the Jaguar" seeks to encapsulate some of the incredible legacy of the American zoologist, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, to help save the jaguar through his efforts at Panthera, and beyond. The core inspiration is traits shared by both jaguars and Dr. Rabinowitz: fearlessness, vision, connectivity, and movement. The color palette comprises the 7 sacred colors of the Mayans to reference the importance this pre-Columbian civilization placed on the jaguar, as well as the impact the indigenous cultures had in Dr. Rabinowitz's journey through the Americas. The end result is a vibrantly-colored Jaguar standing tall with swerves of brushstrokes flowing from its fearless eyes and courageous heart, looking to the future with determination, hope, and resilience.

74″ x 24. 5″ x 80″ (HxWxP)
216 lbs

Fiberglass, Acrylic Paint and PU Varnish