Siamese 19

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2018, 48” x 72” (121.92 x 182.88 cm), acrylic and metal patchwork on canvas

This was the last piece of the Siamese series. Gabriela Gil painted it between July and September of 2018 as she prepared for her first solo exhibition in San Francisco. For this piece the most noticeable difference is the reversal of the metal patchwork from the body of the fish, to the background. The original idea of the metal bodies was to convey the strength and body armor of a warrior. However, one of the main reflections Gil had when finalizing the series was that the most important strength is the one that comes from within. Therefore, she wanted to convey the fish breaking through the metal with movement, rawness, and passion. This marked an important breakthrough in her practice because it reflected the learnings she had acquired over the previous three years, and it also set the stage for the next series as she explored different techniques in the application of paint, and material.