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The Siamese series is a body of work which I started two years ago while exploring the different sides of
self-empowerment and resilience amidst challenging situations. Siamese fighting fish are animals that will go to fatal extremes in order to stand their ground, they are among the few fish that breathe directly from the atmosphere, and can even survive out of water as long as their bodies remain moist. Their delicate and ephemeral appearance is a visual deceit against the true warrior nature that lies beneath. Each painting has taken one to three months to complete, and is composed of layers of acrylic and metal thumbtacks. These layers come together to mirror the flowing characteristics and delicate movement, partnered with a metallic body that resembles thousands of scales, and most importantly, the body gear of a warrior.

None of the Siamese will be available for sale until 2018. Be the first to know about the upcoming show by joining the email list below. Please inquire about short-term loans. 

Sizes to date: 30x40in (4), 3x4 ft. (2), 6x4 ft. (1), 4x4 ft. (2)​, 5x6 ft. (1), 4x6 ft. (1)

Follow the real-time progress on Instagram.

Artist Statement

I was born in Honduras, and grew up in several Latin American countries prior to moving to the U.S. ten years ago. The constant migration partnered with the need to learn multiple languages shaped my perspective of the world, and played a key role in my art practice. Namely, I use visual art and color as a way of exploring how social factors impact who I am, and to find a common ground for communicating beyond language barriers. This has been particularly relevant over the past seven years as I’ve experienced growth through issues surrounding self-identity, gender inequality, immigration, and a long transition from the business world into a full-time career as an artist.

Influenced by abstract expressionists such as Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, and Helen Frankenthaler, I primarily focus on large-scale paintings that force a full-body engagement when exploring color and its emotional weight. The large-scale fields force an immersive experience that attempts to spark self-reflection and emotional exploration. Additionally, I use textures and non-traditional materials to add context to the work. The process is a build-up of multiple layers which in some ways resembles the process of self-exploration, healing, and growth.

I currently live in San Francisco, California.

Previous Series

Ornela, 2015

None of the Siamese will be available for sale until 2018.
Be the first to know about the upcoming show by joining the email list.
Please inquire about short-term loans.
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