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My Story

I was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1989, but grew up moving throughout Latin America due to my father’s profession eradicating epidemics in the hemisphere. This experience morphed my perspective of my place in the world as a more fluid one, and shaped me into a collection of multiple cultures and languages. 


My first creative expressions began at the age of five through ballet, and rapidly expanded into modern dance, photography, sculpture, and painting thereafter. My work continuously references my multidisciplinary experience but I have primarily focused on painting for the last nine years.

Photo by Ralfi Berk, 2018

Upon moving to the United States, I pursued an undergraduate degree in Economics, while developing my art practice in parallel. By independently seeking out feedback from mentors and fellow artists, taking university classes that further my skills and knowledge in art, and ultimately spending time at the studio putting everything into practice, I find my art continues to develop dynamically, and authentically every day.


The experience of working with technology startups in Silicon Valley for almost a decade armed me with invaluable entrepreneurial skills and confidence for what a strong work ethic can achieve. It was during this period that I decided to take the leap to use everything I have lived up until now to make art a more protagonist part of my life.

Siamese, my most recent body of work, was the bridge between my professional career as I knew it and a new one where my creative practice would take the center stage. The evolution of the series came through a 3-year period in which I was mentored by seasoned artists in the Bay Area, took non-degree university courses on technical skills and art history, and spent thousands of hours at the studio. Upon completion, and leaning into my business experience, I produced a month-long exhibition in a 3,000 sq. ft. gallery in the center of San Francisco with the help of a team, and a portion of my savings. This marked the end of an era in the city, and the beginning of a new chapter in New York.

I believe in a world where artists feel empowered to work on art that matters to them, while being able to pay the bills, and give back. In my personal practice, I do this by consistently pushing the boundaries of my art, compensating my studio team fairly, and committing myself to investing at least ten percent of my income in support of economic development and mental health. My goal is to use all of the skills and experiences I have garnered up until now to continue to learn, and find better ways to do all of the above. 

Photo by Melissa Nguyen, 2018

My Work

Building upon the gestural brushstrokes and vivid colors found in Abstract Expressionism, I approach each canvas as a means to explore my own personal narrative. Every work bridges thought and emotion through the lens of multiple cultures and languages after a lifetime of moving throughout Latin America and the United States. Inevitably, my

multi-layered work conveys themes around movement, assimilation, self-identity, and the human experience as we move through space and time.

My process demands motion as I engage my entire body to pour paint on the canvas and follow through on flowing brushstrokes that traverse the surface. The canvases move between the ground and the wall as I build on each gesture freely, but with intuitive confidence. Referencing my early years in ballet and modern dancing, I experience each vivid creation as a harmonious and flowing dance which culminates on a visual expression of warm tones, depth, and movement.

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