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Gabriela Gil believes living in the present moment is the key to living in harmony with ourselves, and our surroundings. For that reason, she is interested in creating paintings and site-specific installations that spark a connection with the immediate present. Gil does this through the use of organic shapes, flow, and vibrant colors which replicate nature, and the Latin American soul.

Photo of the Gabriela Gil by Ralfi Berk, 2018

Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Gabriela Gil has moved throughout South and North America her entire life. The constant migration has shaped her multicultural perspective, and nurtured her interest in art as a way to transcribe her personal experience using a unique visual language. Her first creative expressions were in ballet and modern dance at the age of five, and later evolved to other mediums including photography, sculpture, and painting. As a result, her work often references her multidisciplinary experience, particularly when activating her entire body while staining a canvas, or carrying a gestural mark across a large surface.

As an autodidact Gabriela Gil independently seeks out professional courses, mentorships, residencies, and experiences based on her evolving needs. Her practice continuously shapes more dynamically and authentically this way, especially when complemented with her academic experience in Economics, and nearly a decade working within the innovative, and entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley tech start-ups.


Gabriela Gil currently lives and works in New York, NY. 


Gabriela Gil at her Siamese solo exhibition in San Francisco, CA. 

Photo by Melissa Nguyen, 2018

Social Responsibility

Gabriela Gil believes in a world where artists feel empowered to make work that matters to them, while being able to pay the bills, and give back. In her personal practice, she does this by consistently pushing the boundaries of her art, compensating her studio team fairly, and committing herself to investing at least ten percent of her art proceeds in support of economic development and mental health. For the last three years she has primarily focused on supporting education in marginalized communities in Honduras directly, and through the Non-Profit organization FEIH (Foundation for Education in Honduras). Her goal is to use all of the skills and experiences garnered up until now to continue to learn, and find better ways to do all of the above.

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